Xbox 360 Repairs
      All Xbox 360 repairs are done by qualified technicians with original parts and all repair work is guaranteed for 3 months. Defcon 5 is a specialist repair center specialising in repairs of all makes of video game consoles. We also handle "out of warranty repairs" for a number of large (and some not so large) computer, electronic equipment and game supply companies in South Africa. We pride ourselves on our honesty, knowledge and quality of work and service that is equaled be very few others.
      To honestly quote on repairs and inform clients when repairs to an Xbox 360 console is not viable. We offer our expert opinions at no cost when your Xbox 360 is uneconomically repairable or when certain Xbox 360 specific issues are guaranteed to return again over time. Xbox 360 specific issues eg. the so called R.R.O.D.
  Our work is guaranteed for 3 months and we have and will never try to "sweet talk" our way out of our guarantees.
  Every single manufacturer of any kind of equipment will during their life span run in to some kind of difficulties with some of their equipment. The xbox 360 unfortunately had more than it's share of issues during the manufacturing period 2006 - March 2008. This issue nicknamed R.R.O.D. (Red Ring Of Death) by the internet is very widely spread and can and will never be 100% resolved on these models. Microsoft eventually resolved this issue by changing the CPU and GPU on newer models with cooler running components. Unfortunately there seems to be many unscrupulous characters who claim to repair the R.R.O.D. and "guarantee" that the Xbox 360 console will never do it again. This however is not true as the console will do it again. We have spent countless hours researching and repairing at least 40 test units and the result in every case is the same. The console will do it again. Some consoles last 1 month, some 6 months and some even 2 years. The problem unfortunately is that in the majority of cases (80%) the R.R.O.D will return within the first 4 - 6 months. Very few Xbox 360 consoles will last more than 6 months once the R.R.O.D. is repaired.
      You have hit the R.R.O.D. jackpot when your Xbox 360 shows 3 flashing red lights around the power button when turned on. From here one will have to hold the "sync" button (small button next to memory card slots) and press the eject button 4 times while holding the sync button. Count the amount of lights displayed each time the eject button is pressed. 4142 and 4424 are the most common and indicates a "system bus" error meaning data sent between the CPU, GPU, Memory and the South bridge is static. This happens due to solder contacts cracking under the CPU, GPU or memory due to excessive stress (contract when cold, expand when hot) on the mainboard when the console heats and cools down. The GPU, CPU and Memory are in packages called BGA, these types of packages do not have any legs that are soldered to the mainboard, but instead have hundreds of solder balls that make up the contacts between the component and the mainboard. The proper way to repair this is to "reball" the faulty component, this is a fairly expensive repair and will not solve the problem as the mainboard will still warp due to heat and again put excessive stress on the solder balls at the bottom of the CPU, GPU and memory. Thus over time causing the same problem again. The other way of "repairing" it is to reflow the faulty components, in a nut shell this is when the component is reheated so the solder balls at the bottom of the components melt thus making contact again. This is a much cheaper repair, but will unfortunately also not last due to the warping of the mainboard. Some people also add bolts to the bottom of the heat sinks covering the CPU and GPU thus forcing the mainboard and the CPU or GPU tightly against each other. None of these "repairs" however will permanently resolve the R.R.O.D. issue on any Xbox 360.
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